Monday, September 25, 2006

Week 6 - Educating your employees and introducing systems

In the best businesses, everyone understands their role and they act in a way which is consistent with that role and finally, in union with the other employees. Most employees have an inner desire to develop or grow, to have a life that they can be proud to tell people about. So this is the critical point, employees must understand how doing their job will have an effect on their personal growth.

The first step in getting this process underway is to create an organizational chart with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Stay with me, it is not as boring as it sounds! The important thing is that the role is documented and that the person in the role understands what they must deliver.

Having clearly defined roles is always the starting point for both owners and employees of any business. But what about the way in which they carry out the tasks to achieve the results?

Systems are all about figuring out why something (good or bad) happened in your business and making sure it then becomes part of your business operation (good) or is never repeated again (bad). This unique system that develops over time is the most important aspect of any business. Of course when something goes wrong you need to stop the bleeding as soon as you can.

They are a set of rules to stop employees using discretion at the operating level of a business.

What choice do they have? They do each job as they see fit and according to their mood in that moment.

Regardless of how you plan to acknowledge your employees there is one thing you simply must ensure is happening – you must compensate your people for results, not for just showing up to work each day

Does each of your employees treat their job as if your business belonged to them?

This point is frequently cited by the worlds most successful entrepreneurs. They manage to develop their culture so not only does each employee know exactly what their role is and what they are expected to deliver, but they also understand the roles of their fellow employees and how collectively they influence the business overall.

Two critical points regarding employees:

1) They must understand how their role directly affects the business and the bottom line.

2) They must be able to feel a connection between their work and their personal development - or plan to lose them.

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