Sunday, December 10, 2006

Week 16 - Hate to Sell, Then Don't - Educate!

Without a doubt, the most successful salespeople don’t seem to push anything on you. These people sell without selling and by educating you on purchasing a product or service they are in effect helping you to set “decision criteria” in your mind. In other words, you end up asking yourself “On what basis am I evaluating this purchase?” The education you have been given be it brief or a 3 hour presentation helps this process, so in effect the teacher can be a leader.

Information and education empower the purchaser. Have you been in a liquor store and seen the little pictures of food beside the name of the wine? You know, BBQ Steak for the Syrah, shrimp for the Sauvignon Blanc? How do these make you feel? Empowered I bet and as a bonus, it completely leads you away from making a decision on price alone.

Decision criteria are real – whether you know it or not you have decision criteria for coffee. Starbucks have set it as a warm, clean inviting atmosphere with jazz music and helpful knowledgeable staff. They mix this with a consistent coffee experience – notice I did not say superior, in fact many smaller chains and independents have amazing coffee, but lack the “new world” criteria.

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