Saturday, January 13, 2007

Week 20 - Ask Them to Buy From You!

It is simply amazing how many advertisements fail to ask the prospect to act. They talk price, they talk shape, they talk color, they talk location, they talk features and benefits, but they fail to ask the prospect to act. Tell your prospect to pick up the phone now, tell them to write to you immediately, tell them to visit your webpage to register – make it clear and make it strong. Using a strong headline and convincing copy in your advertisement will do most of the work, but always finish by telling the prospect exactly how they can take action – immediately.

Example: Call us right now on 800 xxx xxx and ask for the no obligation appraisal of your property!

Each time you produce a new advertisement, run it through this checklist and just make sure you have not forgotten anything.

1. Is my advertisement designed to generate a direct response?
2. Can I measure the effectiveness of this advertisement?
3. Is my headline clear and does it promise a benefit?
4. Does it have the “Broadest Possible Appeal” for the market I am trying to reach?
5. Does the body copy of my advertisement discuss benefits backed up by facts and not features of the product or service?
6. Have I incorporated my USP at every opportunity?
7. Have I asked the prospect to act now?

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