Sunday, July 29, 2007

Marketing Musings: Find Out What the Market Wants Before You Deliver It

Sergio Zyman, was Chief Marketing Officer at Coca-Cola for 30 years and he tells us in his book “The End of Marketing As We Know It”:

“Every day the (political) candidate goes out on the stump, and the next morning the campaign manager gets up and says, how did we do yesterday? He or she collects the polling data to find out if the numbers came up, or down, and looks at voters surveys to find out why. Both of those are research. A good campaign manager goes a step further by doing “presearch”. In other words, he or she asks the voters: What if we told you this tomorrow? Would you vote for this candidate? And they keep asking until they find the positioning that is going to move votes.”

Can you take a lead and start doing presearch on your marketplace? I think this holds amazing possibilities for the average business. After all, we are always being asked “ did we like the service?” but virtually never “ would we react if in future we did things in this certain way?”.

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