Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Flying The Friendly Skies!

I was on a flight from Seattle to Los Angeles this morning and a flight attendant handed me the pilot’s business card with a note on the back welcoming me (by name) to the “Friendly Skies”. Despite a long list of things still to fix at United (after a few years in bankruptcy) it is great to see a pilot leading the charge towards a turnaround. This completely random event (no one else seemed to get a card) is what keeps things interesting for customers; I mean when was the last time a pilot made contact with you? Keep it up United!

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0blivi0us said...

Geez Scott - I think you had your customer service blinkers pulled on too tight, and you missed the real game!

Let's recap the flow of events:
- you and your pony-boy good looks were minding your own business on a United flight
- the PILOT sends out his PERSONAL business card
- it says 'Welcome to the FRIENDLY skies'
- and YOU were the only one on the plane that received one!

Wake up!
The only customer service on offer was membership to the pilot's own loyalty scheme .. the mile-high club!