Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Marketing Musings: Change Those Lightbulbs

Last week (Week 46) I talked about attention to detail in your business and how that is perceived by your customers. I just stumbled upon this piece from Charles Dunstone who founded The Carphone Warehouse in Europe. Carphone Warehouse has over 1800 stores and Dunstone is worth over £800 million.

Mastery of that kind of detail is a gift. Dunstone, always likeable, belittles it. “Staff know I’m Mr Lightbulb,” he says. “The simplest way you can measure an organization is to walk in and see how many lightbulbs have not been replaced. Look at Heathrow — the greatest place in the world to spot non-working lightbulbs. All it says to me is, nobody cares.”

Charles Dunstone, The Sunday Times, April 16 2006.

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