Sunday, February 04, 2007

Week 24 - Testimonials Offer Real Confidence

You can take the role of an advisor one step further – incorporate a list of commitments that will reinforce your credibility as the advisor. Give the list to every prospect that calls or walks through your front door. Ideally it should be a combination of your USP, clearly stated, backed up with your decision criteria questions. Let’s use a fictitious electrical contractor, “Sparks Electrical”, as an example:

Many electrical services may seem the same at first…

  • We’ll arrive on-time, or we won’t charge our call out fee
  • Our contractor will be dressed neatly and cleanly and provide identification to you upon arrival
  • Our contractor will perform the duties as per the written quotation in a timely and professional manner.
  • At our cost, our contractor will perform a full wiring safety check and provide you with a written recommendation on the overall safety of your electrical system.
  • Our contractor will, if required, install a smoke detector for you at no cost.
  • Our contactor will leave your premises free of debris and will provide you with a 6th month written guarantee on all work performed.

    Call us today for a no obligation free quotation, we will be happy to help.


But is that enough to convince your prospects? Why should they believe any of the statements you make? The key addition to the list are testimonials from past customers. These testimonials will back up your own statements and will show the prospect that your promises are not empty. Consider the impact of adding these testimonials to the bottom of your handout:

  • Sparks Electrical arrived on time, carried out all of the work well and even cleaned up their mess! Before leaving, their technician even replaced a few blown light bulbs at no cost and left me with a written guarantee. I highly recommend their services. B Smith, San Francisco, CA.

  • I have never had any contractor offer to vacuum my hallway before – congratulations Sparks on a truly remarkable level of service. J. Thompson, Fairfax, CA

  • I am so sick and tired of taking time off to meet contractors, only to have them arrive late or not show up at all. When I hired Sparks Electrical, it was for their on time promise alone and let me tell you, they have never let me down. Our carpets are expensive but the technicians are always neat and tidy, I would strongly recommend them to anyone who is tired of being treated as second class! F Cohen, San Jose, CA

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