Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Week 26 – Chance: Unknown and Unpredictable Phenomenon - Let’s Avoid That!

Since “Week 8” back in October of last year I have been talking about marketing ideas, their foundations and how they all tie together to create compelling results. Before we move on, let’s wrap up.

If you only take only thing away from all this reading, take this:

The best marketing programs will fail to perform if you do not have an overall strategy and systems to support that.

The good news….once we have looked at creating new income streams I will go straight into how to create these systems which will help you to deliver on your strategy.

Look back through the previous 10 weeks and ensure you have considered your position on each of the suggestions. As a shortcut, here are the key messages:
  • Help your customers to find what they didn’t know they wanted. Help your customers to get everything they need to do the job.
  • Sales tools are not part of some elaborate con. They are supposed to help educate the customer. You must believe this yourself or your customers will not believe you.
  • Use questions to up sell like crazy! This is why you are in business, so don’t be ashamed of this. Remember however that the approach must assist the customer to get the result they want, not just help you sell what you want.
  • Always follow-up on customers who have recently purchased from you. Don’t stop there, build on the relationship and you will reap the rewards in future sales and word of mouth.
  • One time follow-up produces one time results. Systematically follow up, and never give up.
  • No matter what you sell, your customer is taking a risk at the point they decide to purchase. You can increase your conversion rate today, just by introducing risk reversal. You may not be refunding on a purchase, but every business in the world can do something to remove some/all of the risk from a transaction.

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