Sunday, April 22, 2007

What's This All About?

If you are reading my blog for the first time Week 33 is probably not the best place to start. As a quick refresher, let me summarize how we got this far, giving you the context that will help you change you business.

Change Your Business, Change Your Life is a collection of ideas, techniques and advice with a single goal; get your business from wherever it is today, to a place where it is delivering the life that you seek. Many business owners end up being defined and controlled by the businesses they create – which is just fine for some folks. For others however, spare time with the family, travel and philanthropy (as just a few examples) become more important but because of the business, are often neglected.

Changing your business begins with you – what do you want? Once you have this figured out, it really comes down to two things, effective marketing and systems. Sprinkle in some advice on actually being nice to your customers and making it easy for them to keep buying and you get a blueprint or at least an interactive map for starting your journey. The graphic above captures this best and I suggest you start with Week 1 back in August of 2006 to ensure you get all you can from this process.

PS - in the graphic are the words SAY + LOOK + DO = REPUTATION. This is not original, it is from CC Tung, CEO of OOCL, one of the least known (but my most admired) companies - until you realize that you see their shipping container logo nearly every day!

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