Thursday, May 10, 2007

We Reserve the Right to Love Our Customers

I met a colleague in Santa Monica the other day and we decided on a new tea house that neither of us had visited before. Whilst the owners had the “just opened” spring in their step and were very hospitable, there was a hugely prominent sign (front and centre of the customer experience) that read:


What is wrong with this picture??? SAY + LOOK + DO = REPUTATION. You cannot choose one or two of these items - you need to excel in all three! If you must have a sign like this, why not make it tiny sign on the counter in 5 point Helvetica font? The current position of the sign indicates they expect to refuse service to a good proportion of people whereas in reality, it will only ever be the tiniest percentage. Get rid of it.

Contrast this experience with another little café I visited today. They have sign on the register that mentions a $10 minimum charge for credit card purchases. The big difference is the way they word their sign:

We appreciate a $10 minimum charge on credit card purchases.

Thank you! A business that understands their customers are their livelihood and future. LOVE your customers or head back to the section in Week 1 about figuring out what you really want from your business.

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