Sunday, November 11, 2007

Week 50 - Make Changes Stick

Any change you make needs to be supported by a system to ensure actions continued to be carried out in the new way. By now you should be comfortable with systems, policies and procedures so this is the point where you must systematize the revisiting of the policy and procedure making process. That’s right, before you laugh, we do really need a system for updating your system!

Set aside one day each month to review your policies and procedures. During this day you should spend one hour on each different area of your business. Do this every month with unwavering commitment and your business will improve as never before. Can you honestly remember when you last took the time out in this way to make positive improvements?

Some things you can look at each month are:
  1. What problems arose for us during the month and how can we modify our policies and procedures to avoid a repeat of these?
  2. Did any of our policies and procedures cause trouble during the past month – how can we adjust them to avoid a repeat?
  3. How do the employees feel about the policies and procedures? Which would they like to see modified and why?
  4. Responsibilities – are all bases covered? Do we need to assign new responsibilities to employees to cover new areas of business?
  5. Does anyone think we could make more money or make our jobs easier by changing the way we run things?

It is essential that you involve your key employees (perhaps all of them) in this workshop discussion. Through a combination of effective systems and development of new income streams, your business will be far less vulnerable to the ebb and flow that is business today. So what about you personally - can you handle the ebb and flow? You see the same principles apply to you as an individual. You need to prepare your mind, constantly feeding it with rich information and positive re-enforcement.

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